Pre-print Publications

  1.    A. L. Kaminsky, R. B. Alexander, S. H. Hong, Y. Wang, K. Pant, K. Flynn, and R. Thompson, "A surrogate-assisted genetic algorithm for design of guided weapons with stochastic Monte Carlo evaluation," to appear in AIAA SciTech Conference, 2021.

Unrefereed Publications

Includes unrefereed conference proceedings, internship reports, and graduate course research projects

  1.    R. B. Alexander, "Active learning for efficiently constructing surrogate models," final project for CS 361: Engineering Design Optimization graduate course at Stanford University, 2020.

  2. 2019
  3.    R. B. Alexander and J. S. Ling, "Multi-segment dynamic pricing for airline tickets using model-free reinforcement learning," final project for CS 238: Decision Making Under Uncertainty graduate course at Stanford University, 2019.
  4.    R. B. Alexander and A. L. Kaminsky, "Optimization of guided weapon designs with a stochastic objective function using a genetic algorithm," report produced for CFD Research Corporation during summer internship, 2019.

  5. 2018
  6.    R. B. Alexander, J. M. Caesar, R. C. Doddanavar, and J. Q. Doll, "Integrated flight modeling: trajectory analysis and hybrid engine performance," in Spaceport America Cup Conference, 2018.

  7. 2017
  8.    R. B. Alexander, "Correlation study of CFD turbulence modeling approaches for an axisymmetric missile concept," report produced for Corvid Technologies during summer internship, 2017.
  9.    R. B. Alexander, "CFD analysis and optimization of flow deflector geometry for a supersonic free jet," in Spaceport America Cup Conference, 2017.